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Useful information for tourists

National cuisine and beer

When wandering around this gorgeous and magic city, you won’t even realize how hungry you are.  Prague is so full of various cafes, fast food and restaurants that the only problem will be to choose from various dishes:  Czech dumplings, goulas soup in bread, roast pork, trdelnik, fruit dumplings, waffles and many other types of traditional cuisine....
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Currency exchange

The Czech Republic (Czechia) is a part of the European Union, but local currency is the Czech Crown. The best way to pay in restaurants and shops is Crown as the exchange rate can differ notably. We recommend not to exchange currency in the street as you will be deceited and definitely won’t get czech...
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The difference between a taxi and a transfer

One can get to the center of Prague by different ways, for example using a public transport. But if you don’t want to travel by metro and bus with heavy suitcases, you can use a taxi or a private transfer. Unfortunately you never know how much you’ll pay for your trip using a cab ,...
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